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The Wildcats of Exeter thumbnail
The Wildcats of Exeter eAudiobook
Edward Marston / David Thorpe

Nicolas Picard is riding home from Exeter when he's attacked by a snarling wildcat. Yet when the bod..

The Fourth Enemy thumbnail
The Fourth Enemy eAudiobook
Anne Perry / Will Close

When a heart attack forces Marcus fford Croft to retire from his chambers his daughter Miriam and so..

Murder Most Festive thumbnail
Murder Most Festive eAudiobook
Ada Moncrieff / Joan Walker Available 9th February 2023

Christmas Eve 1938. The Westbury family and assorted friends have gathered for another legendary cel..

The Man in the Shadows thumbnail
The Man in the Shadows eAudiobook
Alys Clare / Lucy Scott

London August 1881. The World's End Investigation Bureau is thriving and Lily Raynor is delighted to..

A Murder Inside thumbnail
A Murder Inside eAudiobook
Frances Brody / Penelope Freeman

1969. A job in the Prison Service is not for everyone. But for Nell Lewis helping prisoners is somet..

Mother Midnight thumbnail
Mother Midnight eAudiobook
Paul Doherty / Richard Burnip

1312. Sir Hugh Corbett has returned from the West Country to find Westminster in chaos. Edward II ha..

Orders to Kill thumbnail
Orders to Kill eAudiobook
Edward Marston / Gordon Griffin

December 1917. Ada Hobbes has cleaned for Dr Tindall for many years and begins this frosty morning l..

Death's Long Shadow thumbnail
Death's Long Shadow eAudiobook
Judith Cutler / David Thorpe

On a freezing winter's night the residents of Thorncroft House are roused from their beds by an unex..

Magic in the Weave thumbnail
Magic in the Weave eAudiobook
Alys Clare / John Telfer

October 1604. Plague has hit London and the theatres are closed. But the capital's loss is Plymouth'..

Powder Smoke thumbnail
Powder Smoke eAudiobook
Andrew Martin / Richard Burnip

York railway station December 1925. Detective Inspector Jim Stringer is enjoying a pint in the Parlo..

The Mitford Vanishing thumbnail
The Mitford Vanishing eAudiobook
Jessica Fellowes / Rachel Atkins

1937. War with Germany is dawning and a civil war already raging in Spain. Split across political li..

Tragedy on the Branch Line thumbnail
Tragedy on the Branch Line eAudiobook
Edward Marston / Sam Dastor

When Robert Pomeroy a young undergraduate at Corpus Christi College finds a letter slipped under his..

The Chancellor's Secret thumbnail
The Chancellor's Secret eAudiobook
Susanna Gregory / David Thorpe

In 1360 the Great Bridge over the River Cam is close to collapse. As arguments rage over raising the..

Blackout thumbnail
Blackout eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Simon Mattacks

Berlin December 1939. Paranoia in the capital is intensified by a rigidly enforced blackout that plu..

Legacy of Death thumbnail
Legacy of Death eAudiobook
Judith Cutler / David Thorpe

With his lordship's mental health failing management of his grand country estate has been assigned t..